Thanks to a permanent collaboration between neurologists and neurosurgeons, we offer a combined medical and surgical approach while state of the art technical equipment allows us to treat the entire panel of neurological and neurosurgical diseases since almost 40 years.

The constant evolution of spinal surgery enables us to offer to our patients, when surgery is needed, efficient treatments for cervical or lumbar disc herniations, spine arthritis, deformities and tumors. We perform most types of spinal surgical procedures from microsurgical approaches to complex spinal fusion.

To treat brain tumors, we use operative microscope, ultasonic aspirator, neuronavigation and stereotaxy (computer assisted surgery). This allows millimetre precision, minimally invasive surgery, and increased chances of success.

Through a close collaboration with the department of interventional neuroradiology and their 3D cerebral angiogram techniques, we are now able to offer to selected patients endovascular treatment of aneurysms and cerebral arteriovenous malformations, avoiding more aggressive neurosurgical procedures and allowing shorter stays in the hospital.

We are also able to treat such diverse conditions as hydrocephalus, spinal and cerebral trauma, peripheral nerve diseases (in collaboration with the Hand surgery Department) or even chronic pain. The Pain Clinic and the departement of neurosurgery also deal with the assessment and treatment of patients eligible for Surgical Treatment of Pain by neurosimulation).

Patients presenting with malignant brain or spine tumours are operated by our neurosurgeons, then referred if needed o the department of radiotherapy of the Clinique E. Cavell or to the Gamma Knife at the Hopital Universitaire Erasme, while still being followed up by their surgeon. The Brussels neurosurgery center collaborates with the department of neurosurgery of the Hopital Erasme since 2001.

Although neurosurgery is a highly technical specialty, we never forget that the patient is the centre of all our attention. Our philosophy is therefore to favour a direct relationship between the surgeon and the patient, in order to achieve high tech, but compassionate care.

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